Job Opportunities for Villagers

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MYTCL and MWMCL have introduced an employment policy for local villagers giving priority to the relocated villages and those who lost their farming land. According to this policy implemented in 2012 there were a total of 510 people recruited into various departments of Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper limited, and Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited. To date these two companies employa total of 2,000 local workers. After installation of the Solvent Extraction and Electro-Wining plant at Myanmar Wanbao and the construction of the expansion SX-EW Plant at MYTCL there will be approximately 3 times more job opportunities for regional people.

Among new local employees, employment opportunities have come in the form of office works for bachelor degree holders, while other skilled persons will have a chance to work in their trained fields, for example; electricians, drivers, welders and mechanics and so on. Furthermore, a technical training school for local villagers who have no educational background has commenced. The main objective of this scheme is to promote technical knowledge for villagers who have no higher educational and to allow them to achieve higher salaries than other rural workers. For the local villagers who are not able to work in the company, especially for aged men and women, an offer of a free of charge loan (a loan without interest) has been made in order to subsidize purchases of domestic feeding animals and agriculture works if they so choose to do so.

Now within MYTCL and MWMCL the strength of the organizations has risen to more than 2274 employees. With the delivery of new machines and heavy equipment, there will be an increase of manpower. Priority has remained to be to hire those most qualified from the villages. Promotions, increase of salary and future sustainability are the key factors in establishing long-term success with the growth of the mines and in aiding the economy of the local region.

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Strategy Report 2018-2019

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