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Environment & Social Impact Assessment - ESIA

ESIA – Environment & Social Impact Assessment Begins at Myanmar Wanbao

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The ESIA has officially been launched at Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited as the preliminary procedures have come to an end. The prestigious Australian Engineering Company of Knight Piésold takes the lead for this lengthy process working alongside Dr. Win Maung of Environment Myanmar Cooperative Company Limited - EMC, together taking the viewpoint of a third-party to complete a fair, unbiased approach to the ESIA.

Three seasons of data will be collected in order to complete the very thorough update to the already existing ESIA that was completed in 1996-7 by the Muir Company contracted by the previous MICCL. Environmentally, there has been very little change that we can see from the earlier ESIA that was completed. The real impact will be in regards to the Social and Political situation at hand.

The primary data collection for the cool/dry season has been collected and Dr. Win Maung and his team will begin preparation for their reporting to Knight Piésold. A full report will be compiled by Knight Piésold once all the areas of field-study and data collection for baseline works have been completed by EMC. A social data collection of the surrounding villages has also been undertaken.

The surrounding villages of both MYTCL and MWMCL were more than cooperative with the staff of EMC, allowing them to enter their villages and to make inquiries regarding social issues.

The success of this ESIA will be dependent on the accuracy of information allowed to be collected by the Environmental Teams at work in the field. Knight Piésold has more than a century of experience in the Mining Industry and has the technology and skill to provide a world-class accurate report on the impact experienced both environmentally and socially at the Letpadaung Mine of Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited.


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