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myayakeschool 01Education improves one's knowledge, skills, and develops personality and attitude. Education is important for everyone. Community development and education improvement has always been a priority for MYTCL’s surrounding villages. In fact, for both the villages and Yang Tse, this is a priority.

myasanebuilding 01Enhancing community growth has always been a priority for Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited. MYTCL and MEHL have the responsibility to develop the villages located near the Mine Site area. MYTCL has a constant focus on the development of community life. Among the 18 CSR villages, the smaller of the community villages, Myasane village, is located along the Yama Creek.

monastery flooring 01The Department of Public Relation is a department that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and our local people. There are 18 villages involved in the Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Mine CSD/CSR project. Banenwechaung village is remotely associated from direct mining activities and has no impact from the S&K Project. Nevertheless, it is the prerogative of MYTCL and MEHL to include this village in the CSR/CSD improvement budgets.

monasteryhall 01Thaedawgyi Village is found just south of the Yama Stream and on the north-western tip of the S&K project and it is beautiful small village. In comparison to the other 17 villages surrounding the Sabetaung and Kyisintaung mine site, Thaedawgyi composes a smaller village that is an indirectly impacted village due to the location, as well as the distance of the mining activities. To do the village requests, the CSR committee has planned to construct the monastery hall in village monastery compound.

Strategy Report 2018-2019

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