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Villagers Welcome Electricity Project

electricityprojectVillagers in Kyau Phyu Taing of Salingy Township in Sagaing Division have concluded their history of the lightless night thanks to an electricity installation project that Myanmar Wanbao donated to the village.

A ceremony for the completion of the 52.2-million-Kyats electricity project was held on December 3, 2013 to celebrate the historic moment together with the celebrations for library donation and school building by the company. Around 1000 villagers will benefit from the projects.

Myanmar Yangkyadwintaung-monastery-road-repairs01 Tse Copper Limited had constructed and made earth work preparations to Kyadwintaung Monastery , Shwepannkhine Village Group, Yinmarbin Township, Yinmarbin District, Sagaing Great Division for New Community Hall at 12.11.2013. At that place for New Community Gall from 28.6.2014 to 30.6.2014, to carry the bricks, sand , stones and materials for the construction , using machines, it has made road constructions for up and down hill and repaired and reconstructed the ruined road due to the raining season.


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