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This specially requesteddonwdawpagodarepairs04 Community Development Project was initiated by the Village Administrator and Monk from Vizawdayone Monastery to repair the base foundation of the Pagoda at Dondaw. Once again in-line with the strategies of the CSD works, the Monk was granted the funding to complete the project using the villages own management, own labour work-force, and own procurement of materials to complete the project. Monitored and measured during the foundation repairs, MYTCL's CSD and Engineering Departments assisted where necessary to ensure the success of this project.

thayetchan01Ancient building are a great part of the heritage and culture of the Myanmar people. As an importnat part of the CSR/CSD works, MYTCL and MEHL make it a priority to assist in the maintenance and restoration of many such buildings and artifacts. The Buddhist Ordination Hall and private facilities at Mango Yard Monastery in Shwepankhine Village are among the most recently repaired through the projects of MYTCL and MEHL on the 28th of February, 2015.

goandawroadrepiar01The year has been a great success with the planned infrastructure, education and elderly support initiatives supported by MYTCL and MEHL. Now utilising the contingency budget as the projects come to a close, the remaining budget is absorbed by small works such as road repair within the Gondaw Village on March 7th, 2015 and many other projects that are requested by the neighbouring villages and monastic leaders.

dondaw-medical01The 2014 fiscal year for the MYTCL Projects has come to a close, and the new Community and Social Development, as well as the new Corporate Social Responsibility Programs are in the development stages. Villages have been interviewed that are within the program areas as defined by the regional authorities. Propsed projects have been submitted by the CSD Team elected representatives and reviewed by MEHL, MYTCL, and confirmed as appropriate for social development by the regional Ministry of Mines.

During this development stage, the Mobile Mediacal Team from MYTCL continues in its important village to village schedule, uninterrupted by the ending of the financial year and the commencement of a new budget for the CSD/CSR Programs.



On August 2nd, 2015, the CSD and PR Teams of MYTCL made their way into Monywa to find foodstuffs, rice, cooking oil and any other items that they could gather together to assist with the villagers in the surrounding areas who had been displaced from their homes, and their lives due to the extreme flooding conditions of the region. They spent the day going from one shop to the next, buying all that they could from shops already emptied by a region in despair.The village of Kyeethakya was the first on their list to visit. On August 3rd they were welcomed with open arms and smiles from the villagers amid the disaster that surrounded them all. In the middle of the flooded village the inhabitants came out to greet MYTCL, and to spend the day gathering what they could carry. Tomorrow will be another village just like this one.


Senior Management at MYTCL not only handed out the rescue instructions during the flood crisis of August, but they also pitched in and helped with the organisation, the manpower assignments, vehicles and fuel, some donations on their own behalf, as well as all of the workspaces needed for smooth relief efforts. Ayegone Village received the MYTCL PR Team and CSD Team on August 7th 2015, and the small village of 27 households and 110 inhabitants with a Monastery were provided with 10 bags of rice, cooking oil and a variety of foodstuffs that is estimated to last between 2-3 weeks for each of the families.

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