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dondaw-flood3Dondaw Village is located adjacent to the newly relocated MYTCL lease, and has been graciously returned farmlands that they had occupied in 2013 from the pre-existing lease upon instruction from the President's Office. The village hugs the boundary of the mine's Sabetaung Waste Dump and during the excessive flooding in August of 2015, the village found much of it's crops destroyed by the muddy waters of both the Yama Stream and the Chindwin River. On the 10th of August, additional donations of rice and cooking oil were supplied to this village in need. Approximately 40,000 USD of additional flood relief has been provided by MYTCL to it's neighbouring villagers.

gondaw-flood7A second visit to the northern village of Gondaw that lies on the original lease boundary of the S&K Project was conducted on the 10th of August, 2015 to assist with further food and cooking supplies to assist with the continuing strife the villagers are suffering against the rising waters of the Yama Stream and the Chindwin River.

The MYTCL Public Relations Department in unity with the village CSD Team delivered these much needed items to the villages in the region without hesitation, as the people called out for assistance, and while the flooding continues to thwart farming and the ability for villagers to return to their homes.


Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited provided a second donation and effort of support with rice (18 bags of one and half bushels) and food stuffs (165 assorted bags) including instant and canned goods ready-to-eat for the Kyeethakya villagers. Another donation of rice (1 bag and half a bushel) as well as food stuffs (1 assorted bag) to  the Kyeethakya Village Kymawiti Monastery, where U Vimala gratefully accepted the donation. U Thein Po, the Village Administrator, participated in organising the donation with the MYTCL CSD Members, U Naing Win (CSD Team Leader), U Myo Kyaw (CSD Member of Gondaw), U Win Kyaw Thu (Media Development Assistant), Daw Moh Moh Lwin (CSD Member of Thedawgyi) and Daw Moe Moe Khaing (CSD Office Employee).



On August 13th, 2015 the PR Department and the CSD Team revisited the damaged flood areas of Kyaukmyet Village. Myanmar Yang Tse provided a second donation of rice (23 bags of one and half bushels) and also donated (5 bags and hlaf bushels) to the Kyautmyet Village's 5 Monasteries, where the relative 5 monks accepted these donations. U Chit Aung Tun, the Village Administrator, participated in the coordination of the donation. The MYTCL CSD members, U Naing Win (CSD Team Leader), U Myo Kyaw (CSD Member of Gondaw), U Win Kyaw Thu (Media Development Assistant), Daw Moh Moh Lwin (CSD Member of Thedawgyi), Daw Moe Moe Khaing (CSD Office Employee) and U Aye Min of the MYTCL S.E. Department made this additional donation to the village on behalf of MYTCL.





Words cannot describe the hopelessness that has filled the lives of those within our area of the Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Mine within the Townships of Yimarbin and Salingyi, Saigaing Region. Thousands of villagers, farmers and even those in the interior of the nearby industrial area of Monywa have found their lives literally washed away by the rains of Myanmar.


Monks and Minsters, friends and family turn to anyone who is able to help, and MYTCL has reached out to those searching for comfort in these times when nature shows her most powerful side. MYTCL’s PR Department networked during the days and nights with the community members of the CSD Team, and gathered the information of who was in need, what were the most critical priorities, and how strategic recue would be implemented. Food was key, and immediate funds were allocated by MYTCL Management to assist in the purchase of foodstuffs, quick to eat nourishment, rice and cooking oil to be gathered at places where community cooking could occur above the wastelands of water, and medicines for those injured in their own desperate attempts to save their homes and family.


At Shwe Chan Si Village, Moegyobyin Village Tract, Salingyi Township, Yinmarbin District, Sagaing Great Division, To donation of the rice (256)bags & cooking oil (500) bottles to Shwe Chan Si village on (24.6.2015) from Myanmar Yangtse company.The Shwe Chan Si village is total housing (39), persons (350),monastery (1) and a public school. The donation was established by the employees and management of MYTCL for a group of very poor villages that are outside of the donation parameters of normal CSR and CSD works of the company. The donation was extremely well received by the unexpecting villages.



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