CSR & Community Donations


The CSR Projects of MYTCL quite often are completed without gratitude, as many assume that the donations are a mandatory responsibility of the Myanmar Wanbao Mining Ltd. subsiduary company of MYTCL. In fact they are not, and this fact was acknowledged by Kyeethakya's Administrator U Thein Po, who had requested repairs for their village roadways.

bridge2With the intention of increasing the ability to conveniently travel between villages the Shwepannkhine Village Administrator, U Zaw Htay, reqested to construct a permanent bridge between Shwepannkhine Village and Ywatha Village as one of the primary CSR Projects for the 2015-16 budget year.


yegyibin-power1On February 2nd 2016 the Electricity Project for Yegyibin, Myayake and Myasane was finally completed after nearly 2 years of preparations, construction and commissioning. Due to unforeseen circumstances from the government elected contractor the project was delayed for more than 1-year before completion.


shwepankhine bridge1In the 2015-16 CSR/CSD Budgets a great amount of resources were focused onto the contruction of a secondary roadway's bridge, in order to ease travel for the villagers of Shwepankhine. In mid 2016 a torrential flood damaged the shorelines where the bridge was constructed, leaving the well-built bridge firmly in place.

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