Aye Kone Road Renovation

Access Road Repair Project between Aye Kone and TharYarKone villages in the Salingyi Township

Upon special request of the village Monks and Administrators this project was completedon the northern side of Letpadaung copper mine site. This road was originally constructed by villagers and had become badly damaged due to weathering and erosion making it very difficult to access, especially in the rainy season. Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited was quick to reply to this request and construction began before the onset of the 2012 wet season.
The equipment required for this repair was extensive and began on the 22nd of July and finalized on August 15th of 2012.
One 2m3 excavator was operated by MYTCL employees for 8 days, one 50ton loader for 14days and four 20ton dump-trucks for 20 days
Backfilling earthwork consisted of 2600m in length and a 4m width.
The project had a total value of 9,400,000 kyats (22,864 FEC).

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