Fire Relief at the Moe Gyo Pyin Village

Fire Relief Moe Gyo Pyin Village 55211
At 15:00 on February 15th 2013

The Moe Gyo Pyin Village caught fire and immediately Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited and Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited sprung to action. Supported by MEHL, the 43 family members of 10 families and of 8 homes that burst into flames were rescued by fire trucks and staff from the 2 mine sites. The following day the 3 companies donated relief funds to the families of 500,000 kyats per home, along with rice, cooking oil and soap to provide speedy assistance to the villagers. For 2 of the families that are employees of the mines, additional aide is being offered of clothing and cooking utensils, as well as assistance in the rebuilding of their homes.

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