Tailings Reclamation Project Completion


On May 2nd of 2014 the Tailings Reclamation Project came to an end. Despite the efforts of government authorities to negotiate rehabilitation with the local villagers who occupy the tailings stockpiled lands outside of the lease of MYTCL, some of the villagers have refused to accept the offers.

Kangon Village had more than 65acres of contaminated soil and tailings removed, and then covered with top-soils from the Paungga Dam area. The soil is rich in nutrients and will sustain small gardens and create a village expansion area.

May 2nd 2014 Totals to Date:
Budget for Project USD$


 Cost per  Acre Actual Completion Total  


$13,523.55 $1,125,970.41
* Cost average based on long haul to Paungga Dam area. Cost will decrease with
closer top-soil collection locations

Project Completion Due to Land Settlements


The remaining acres are located in the Dondaw Village area, and these are the villagers whom have refused to allow their lands to be rehabilitated as part of the Tailings Reclamation Project of MYTCL and MEHL. Of 156 acres, 83.26 have been 100% completed and a fresh and natural look has returned to the villages.
An agreement was reached in the MEHL and MYTCL JMC Meeting in March of 2014 that if the villagers continue to disagree, and that the government officials could no longer negotiate with the villagers in a timely manner, that the Project which was expected to clear the complete 156 acres would be stopped until further notice.
Operating with an estimated budget of 1.95 million USD for completion of the project in full, MYTCL and MEHL have collectively donated to date 1,022,682.02 USD, coming in on budget for the estimated costs of rehabilitation.
The Operations Manager from MYTCL stated that this was both a happy and an unfortunate event. MYTCL and MEHL are relieved that the villagers, who had agreed, have had a successful rehabilitation program implemented that will inevitably change the future health of the villages, and of its people. And on the other hand, unfortunate that the villagers occupying the contaminated lands outside of the lease not only have disagreed to allow MYTCL to clean up their mess, but that they are also continually trespassing onto the MYTCL property and stealing materials to continue their secondary mining activities, polluting the environment even further. Nevertheless, this is a moment that many people have been waiting for. We can finally see the beautiful countryside around the mine-site rejuvenated back into healthy and environmentally safe surroundings.
Further consultations will continue with the Dondaw villagers and a further donation at the Paungga Dam site, where the topsoil was claimed for the Kangon and Dondaw areas of rehabilitation, will be negotiated for consideration in the near future.







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