Kangon Social Building Donation

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The Kangon Village is the famous village located next to the S&K Copper Mine that has a legacy of artisinal mining.

In 2013-14, MEHL and MYTCL donated a near 2million USD cleanup project of the tailings and contaminated grounds that the villagers have collected by their own choice and which now pollute the entre region.

In a united effort to completely eliminate and remove this legacy environmental disaster that occured in the late 80's under previous ownership, MYTCL and MEHL were stopped by the villagers. They prefer to artisinal mine and ignore the environmental damage that their activities are causing.


.... both MEHL and MYTCL have adopted a pratice of patience and educational methodology, hoping that in time the efforts of the MYTCL organisation will provide alternate employment or development of the area to support environmentally friendly activities.

Despite the negative actions of this village and the unnecessary objections to the mine activities, Kangon Village requests from MYTCL a great deal of donations. The CSD Team work carefully in close contact with the village elders and leaders in order to provide equal opportunity for this village's people, and to assist in the educational enhancement that is required to change the artisinal miners into alternatively productive members of the village economy.

A Community Building hosting a Library and Social Welfare purpose was donated by MEHL and MYTCL to the village of Kangon in 2014.


Strategy Report 2018-2019

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