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Wadan Village and the CSR Projects


The CSR and CSD Budget for the fiscal year of 2015-16 is nearing the final stages of approval, and this new budget takes a more defined and focused approach to prioritising those who had previously been land-holders, or land-owners within the S&K Project area.


Although MYTCL is not the responsible party for the compensation of the previous land-holders, great respect is shown for the farmers' and villagers' historical influence in allowing the MYTCL operations to commence and grow within the lease areas. Medical assistance is always at the top of the village requests, and will continue to be a priority within the budget for the CSR and CSD Projects. Due to the area and numbers of villagers that the Mobile Medical Team covers during the year, a special budget has been included outside of the CSR/CSD proposals so that the funding is not absorbed by this project alone. The actual financial figures for this project far exceed the budgeted amount, and MYTCL will continue to exercise this philanthropic program beyond budget allowances into the future.


Strategy Report 2018-2019

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