Racing Against the Rains



Words cannot describe the hopelessness that has filled the lives of those within our area of the Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Mine within the Townships of Yimarbin and Salingyi, Saigaing Region. Thousands of villagers, farmers and even those in the interior of the nearby industrial area of Monywa have found their lives literally washed away by the rains of Myanmar.


Monks and Minsters, friends and family turn to anyone who is able to help, and MYTCL has reached out to those searching for comfort in these times when nature shows her most powerful side. MYTCL’s PR Department networked during the days and nights with the community members of the CSD Team, and gathered the information of who was in need, what were the most critical priorities, and how strategic recue would be implemented. Food was key, and immediate funds were allocated by MYTCL Management to assist in the purchase of foodstuffs, quick to eat nourishment, rice and cooking oil to be gathered at places where community cooking could occur above the wastelands of water, and medicines for those injured in their own desperate attempts to save their homes and family.

Machines and roadways were next on the list of priorities most requested by the villagers surrounding the Monywa #1 Copper Mine of the S&K Project. The General Manager, Mr Gong Qingguo, sent the order to halt operational machinery required within the mining activities, and for them to be sent out to the villages requesting assistance with erupting rivers causing erosion and road failures. The villages of Gondaw and Dondaw were impacted most by the rising of the Yama Stream and the embankments collapsing into the rushing waters, sweeping away their lands and homes perched on the shores of the typically timid stream. Ywatha, Kangon, Kyawmyet, Kyeethakya and Banenwechaung villages also found the convergence of the Yama and the Chindwin River overwhelming their crops and entire villages. The only hope was to have MYTCL rebuild the roadways to allow those trapped on higher ground safe passage out of the flooded areas.

Employees from the MYTCL organisation rushed to the aid of their own families living within the disaster areas while MYTCL united its rescue efforts with all available resources. MYTCL Management will continue to assess the progress of the villagers and farmers of the surrounding communities, and ensuring that in times like these, our community is always our first priority.




Strategy Report 2019-2020


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