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Kyeethakya Flood Relief



On August 2nd, 2015, the CSD and PR Teams of MYTCL made their way into Monywa to find foodstuffs, rice, cooking oil and any other items that they could gather together to assist with the villagers in the surrounding areas who had been displaced from their homes, and their lives due to the extreme flooding conditions of the region. They spent the day going from one shop to the next, buying all that they could from shops already emptied by a region in despair.The village of Kyeethakya was the first on their list to visit. On August 3rd they were welcomed with open arms and smiles from the villagers amid the disaster that surrounded them all. In the middle of the flooded village the inhabitants came out to greet MYTCL, and to spend the day gathering what they could carry. Tomorrow will be another village just like this one.



videoclip kyeethakyafloodrelief2

videoclip kyeethakyafloodrelief3

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