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Priorities change during crisis situations, and when the panic sets in, quite often the whole scenario can become a blur. People rush to and fro in frantic desperation to save those in immediate danger, but the danger lingers on past those initial moments, and does not stop with the setting of the sun.


The next days see the grateful lull in the rise of the rivers, even a drop in the waterline that has engulfed the villages. But now the damages reveal themselves as the silt and mud prove wreckage of the farms, the livestock caught in the surge of waters, and the homes that once were filled with family, now show only the ruin of river mud.

Htanaunggone Village was visited after the storms and received the MYTCL PR Team & CSD Team on (7.8.2015) and the village of 64 households and 265 inhabitants with a Monastery were provided with 20 bags of rice, cooking oil and a variety of foodstuffs that is estimated to last between 2-3 weeks for each of the families.

Yet, like so many other villages the tragedy has not passed, and a month of supplies will not survive the troubles ahead. The waters return slowly to their swollen riverbanks, but leave behind desolation from the power of their sudden rise. Even the ancient trees of this land drop their leaves in saddness as they gaze across the now barren plains of Myanmar.

MYTCL gathers together with MWMCL and partners MEHL to review what lies ahead for the region, and to devise a strategy that will bring stability once again to the villages within their direct areas. Corporate Social Responsibility becomes a phrase of the past due to the challenges seen here in Myanmar. Social Unity and Humanitarian Assistance have become the international phrases for the Wanbao Mining organisations of Yang Tse and Myanmar Wanbao. Tomorrow there will be hope on the horizon, and with it will be the seed of new beginnings.

Strategy Report 2019-2020


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