Dondaw Electricity CSR


Dondaw Village is amongst the list of 8 numbers of Electricity Projects for the 2015-16 CSR Budget & Program for Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited.


This Corporate & Social Responsibility Project totalled the sum of $19,032.70 USD for the completion of the project. Including a separate 250-KVA transformer, this project was an extension of the current electricity systems that the Dondaw Village has in place. Utilising the locally owned village company of Moe Myint Kyie Sin the project was tendered out on October 16th 2015, and works began shortly thereafter. Now at completion the project comes to a close as the power is inspected and approved by the Myanmar MEPE. Once this process has been completed the power extension will become active.

All CSR projects are approved by the local communities, the Myanmar government as well as with the partner of the budget, MEHL. During the tendering stages, locally owned companies are encouraged to participate, so that the benefits will be embedded back into the community and local economy in every way possible.




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