Honours to MYTCL


 The Myasane Village Administrator announces his gratitude for the 2015-16 CSR project of the Myasane Nursery School construction.

The school was completed on December 31st 2015 at a cost of $9,101.37 USD, and holds great importance to this community as there is no other school.

In efforts to develop the educational levels of the Myasane Village, the Administrator requested with his village committee to have a Nursery School constructed through the CSR program of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited. The teacher that will manage the school will be provided through the township office. It is estimated that the number of students may be over 50 as the surronding villages’ children will also attend. The number of families is over 30 with a village population of more than 200 persons. The MYTCL CSR Department and the MYTCL CSD Team Representatives were presented with accolades and great thanks from the village for the Company's participation in the progress of education. Future plans for this village include an ambulance vehicle, and twin toilets to be constructed.

The Myasane Village Administrator is U Ngwe.The Myasane village is the one village of Myayake Village Tract, Yinmarbin Township, Yinmarbin District. U Ngwe thanks the MYTCL Company as the village has received tremendous support to improve its community, and he bestows wishes to the company to stay alive long into the future.






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