Power for the People


On February 2nd 2016 the Electricity Project for Yegyibin, Myayake and Myasane was finally completed after nearly 2 years of preparations, construction and commissioning. Due to unforeseen circumstances from the government elected contractor the project was delayed for more than 1-year before completion.


The people from all three villages thanked Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited very much for this electricity project amid their complaints for it taking so long to achieve. Striving to assist the communities with the much needed services of electricity, water supply, roadways and protection from the monsoons that flood much of the area are key issues for the CSD development. CSR works take on additional criteria for community assistance in the form of agriculture, education and technical training for villagers who were once small-time farmers, or farm labourers, and now have moved into this industrialisation that is presently booming in Myanmar.



Strategy Report 2018-2019

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