Kangon School Hall

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Following a complex negotiation process the Kangon Village finally accepted the Community & Social Development Project of rebuilding and completing the much needed Kangon School Hall.

In an attempt to take only the funding in cash from the MYTCL CSR Projects for the 2015-16 year, the Kangon Village insisted on self-tendering the proposed and accepted project of the Kangon School Hall and refused to allow MYTCL to follow an open and transparent tender system. MEHL and the regional administrators became involved to sort out the rejected project and to straighten the Kangon opinion. Eventually, and after project due-dates, the Private Construction contractor was award this tender at a cost of USD $22,671.

Cooperation with the Kangon Village continues to be jeopardized by a very small group of activists determined to reject the mining company's CSR and CSD projects in attempts to attain more land compensation for ancient land settlements. MYTCL remains patient, transparent with the newly established government, and hopeful that this village will overrule the few that continue to thwart smooth relationships between the mining operations and its own community. MYTCL is the operator of the project under the mine-lease permit of MEHL and the land ownership of the government, and is not responsible for compensation and land settlements. MYTCL's CSR development and corporate philosophy manages to move farmers from the lease with additional Land Resettlement funding on a voluntary basis. Legal contractural obligations are that all lands within the lease are to be cleared by authorites for mining activities, and not the responsibility of the operator MYTCL.

Continued relations are being established to follow international planning on Stakeholder Engagement following the ISO 26000:2010 Standards.

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Strategy Report 2018-2019

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