Rejuvenating Education in Wadan

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In order to strengthen the Wadan Village’s educational facilities, Village Administration on behalf of the village public requested  to complete the construction building of their Primary School and to include a teacher’s rest room building fo rthe 2015-16 CSR Projects from MYTCL.

Education, water resources, electricity, welfare and community health involving facilities such as Clinics, Mobile Medical opportunities and general information sharing are all priorities when it comes to the MYTCL community development projects of what is called the CSR Projects. Local contractor, Great Tower, was awarded this tender through the transparent tendering systems held by MYTCL for all CSR projects. Commencing on 10.11.2015 the project was successfully completed on 25.2.2016. The cost for the project was $6,500.51 USD. Currently new projects for the entire village communities are being proposed, and community engagement on which projects are priorities has been set in motion. Now waiting for final approval from the Regional Authorities, an estimated 2016-17 budget of $500,000 USD will be allocated towards further community development and associated needs of the communites.

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Strategy Report 2018-2019

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