Shwepankhine Bridge Reinforcement

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In the 2015-16 CSR/CSD Budgets a great amount of resources were focused onto the contruction of a secondary roadway's bridge, in order to ease travel for the villagers of Shwepankhine. In mid 2016 a torrential flood damaged the shorelines where the bridge was constructed, leaving the well-built bridge firmly in place.

Despite the efforts to provide enough of a passageway and upstream barriers to prevent debris from blocking the drians of the newly constructed Shwepankhine bridge, on May 29th 2016 a flood breached the bridge, carrying trees and mud with heavy materials off of the banks of the stream. In doing so it caused the shoreline to wash away, leaving the new bridge intact but without a full span of material to join it to the washed away shores.

The Engineering teams of MYTCL considered the many options of how to reinforce this structure, and as the budget for this secondary and not primary road had already reached $69,793.66 due to the insistence of the villge of Shwepankhine, it was considered to modify the bridge into a causeway to allow such future events from leaving the structure intact, and increasing the resistence of the banks. The bridge will now remove the topsoils from the surface and develop wings of reinforced stone to ramp down onto the bridge concrete surface. In essence it will be developed into a spillway and will for the long-term permit floods to breech the top of the bridge without damaging to any great extend the ramps or the bridge itself.

An additional $16,000 +/- USD has been allocated towards the construction of this bridge within the 2015-16-17 budgets. Construction preparations are underway and the CSR/CSD Teams have worked closely with the village to complete this project.


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