Providing Scholarship Donations to Students

2016 scholarship 1

MYTCL and MEHL has honoured an annual cash assistance from the CSR Budget to students from both university and tenth standard educations for the surrounding villages of the S&K Project.

The ceremony for this fiscal year (2016-2017) was held at Salingyi Town Hall on 24th November, 2016 (National Day) with guidance of the Sagaing Regional Government. Present for this occasion was the Minister for Security & Border Affairs, Minister for Development, the Minister for Energy & Transport, as well as other members from district, township administrators and other invited guests, donors and students.

Last year (2015-2016), cash assistance for university students (531) and tenth standard students (272) was US$ 60,636.00 and this year (2016-2017) was 70,544.00 US$ for university (445) and tenth standard (631).

This combination of support money by both MYTCL and Myanmar Wanbao, MWMCL, will promote all students’ lives and their educational opportunities for the future.

2016 scholarship 2

2016 scholarship 4
2016 scholarship 5
2016 scholarship 7
2016 scholarship 6
2016 scholarship 3

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