Village to Village CSR Healthcare Initiatives

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The Mobile Medical Team CSR Project treated 19,149 patients in 2016 within the villages surrounding the S&K Project totalling $18,808.39 USD of medicines for in-home patient care.

Now free of charge medical care villages totals 12 in the vicinity of the S&K Mine. The name of villages MYTCL provides Mobile Medical Care for are: 1.Kangon 2.Dondaw 3.Gondaw 4.Ywatha 5.Yegyibin 6.Wadan 7.Tebinkan 8.Myayake 9.Sei Htandawgyi 10.Kyeethakya 11.Kyaukmyet 12.Htannaunggon.

Additional requisition to include Banenwechaung village was welcomed into the project for the 2016-17 fiscal year. Annually approximately $51,599.22 USD are utilised for Mine Town Hospital and the MYTCL Clinic facility costs, with an additional $130,800.00 USD allocated for overall medical management and staffing of all the MYTCL programs combined. In 2017 a new X-Ray machine has been budgeted to be purchased due to the increase of employees, and to replace older facilities for more state-of-the-art equipment. Since 2015 there have been 2 additional villages assigned to the daily services of the MMT and it is expected that within the next few years that the project will be reviewed for a much larger capacity, resulting in more frequent visits within the villages.
Within the Mobile Medical Care Program there is 1 doctor and 2 nurses that travel to the villages with an ambulance and CSD Team representatives. There are two of these teams in operations; one for MYTCL and one for MWMCL. From Monday through Saturday Mobile Medical Teams can be found in a scheduled village assisting with basic health issues and passing along information from the CSR Department. From time to time they also assist with medical emergencies and transportation to nearby medical institutions.

In addition to the monthly group health seminars held at the Mine Town State High School, the health care staff members travel hold educational talks at the local schools and in village elders' homes. They work with government health officials during Clinic Days, and they visit every pregnant woman and every sick child under the age of 5, providing all with individual health care and education. These doctors and MYTCL aides visit schools and homes to inspect sanitation and personal hygiene practices. Toilets and drinking water supply are also inspected.

As a part of the Nutrition Promotion Program, medical staffs have been monitoring the weight of children under the age of 3 since 2003. There are also a suite of public health activities that focus on ante-natal care that MYTCL associates with the Universal Child Immunization (UCI) Program. This program targets 6 diseases with vaccinations for children under 1-year old, and for pregnant women.

Medical care-giving includes Measles and Hepatitis B inoculations, the prevention and control of blindness due to Vitamin A deficiency, supplements for new-born babies and general health-care and related information for new mothers.
This program includes the following medical preventative care:

T.T. - Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine for Tetanus Infection
BCG - for Tuberculosis Infection
PENTA - 5 diseases prevention:
1. Diphtheria
2. Pertussis
3. Tetanus
4. Hepatitis B and
5. Encephalitis

These healthcare activities have been both productive and beneficial to all of the communities. Helping children and adults in the MYTCL communities is about allowing people to live healthier lives and within higher quality environments of medical capacities.



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