Water Storage Donation

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The Monasteries surrounding the MYTCL Mine Site make many requests every year, one of the most critical being the assistance for water.

IBC containers are commonly requested for water storage purposes from the surrounding villages and monastic sites. U Karru Nya, one of the head monks from Myayake Hill Monastery requested MYTCL to donate 3-IBC containers to be used in the monastery campus. The MYTCL PR & CSD team was instructed to make this arrangment by Operations Management and collaborated with the Process Department who would ensure the cleaning of the tanks were completed appropriately for safe water storage. The monk happily received the 3-IBC containers from MYTCL on the 28th of September, 2017, under the arrangement of the CSD office.

Although there is a special fund used specifically for donations and CSR/CSD works and projects, quite often there are small donations that are provided by the management of MYTCL that are outside of the fund. Firewood, IBC containers, fuel and sometimes small construction projects are added above and beyond the annual budgets for community and religious donations.

Strategy Report 2018-2019

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