Gifts for the Aged and the Scholars

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It was the 16th of December, and once again the annual red carpet was rolled out for the 2 sister companies under Wanbao Mining Ltd. to embrace the elderly community, as well as the students who had achieved scholastic recommendations.

18 villages from the surrounding MYTCL area were joined together with 33 villages from Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited and its Letpadaung Project in an official ceremony at the Letpadaung Kyawywa Stupa in Salingyi Township. Present on this occasion was the honoured Minister of Security and Border Affairs, Colonel Kyaw Thant Naing, Sagaing Regional Government and its respected Senators and Chairman of the related townships and districts, as well as responsible staff from MEHL, MYTCL and Myanmar Wanbao along with related village administrators and CSD representatives.

Col. Kyaw Thant Naing commenced the celebrations with a speech that forwarded great appreciation to the 2 companies that had worked closely with the related governments and their communities in order to make this wonderful event occur. Following the Minister was Mr. Luo Daqing, Deputy General Manager, who spoke of the SME Projects occurring at MWMCL, the purpose of their growth, and of the gratitude the company has for being a part of the community on the whole. On behalf of the Managing Director and Chairman Mr. Zhang Yupeng, Operation Manager and PR&CSD Manager, Mr.Wallis offered these following words...

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"Good Morning to our dignitaries, Representatives of MEHL, honoured guests, ladies and gentlemen. It is a privilege to be here today on behalf of MYTCL.
Today is a special day for all of us.
I would like to start by acknowledging our MD and Chairman's gratitude of support that we as a foreign investor have received from the government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Without this interaction and cooperation, our CSR and CSD Projects would not be as effective and extensive as they are today.
Here we are, after only 5 years of working together with our partners MEHL and we see dramatic domestic developments, educational enhancements, infrastructure and assistance for the elderly, all agreed upon in unity by the communities of our region, the authorities and our companies. We have come so far so quickly that I cannot imagine what further leaps we will make into the future, but I know that they will be beyond our dreams. What we are accomplishing here today will be recorded in the history of Myanmar, and you will be the champions of this incredible story.
Today we extend our CSR and CSD community works into the hands of 2 of the most important parts of our society. Firstly, to our elders whom we cherish and hold as guiding mentors for our society. Secondly to our students, who will all become the future of this bountiful and developing country.
Our MYTCL donations will be joined with the donations that will be provided by Myanmar Wanbao. Together these united benefits will continue to improve the lives of the elderly, and to build the strengths of our children who will become our future.
On behalf of all the employees and management of MYTCL I offer our gratitude and respect to our elderly community. To those students who have worked so very hard to become the brightest stars of our tomorrows, I offer congratulations and good luck.
Thank you for this opportunity to see you all here today."

Elderly representatives from each village received 50,000mmk  with a blanket and towel donation kit for all of their fellow aged within their communities on their behalf. The students and the elders gave their own words of thanks in speeches to the companies. The sum of the donations distributed by Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited to these 2 CSR projects totaled $95,270.72 USD.


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