CSD Office Official Opening

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The CSD Environment & Community Activities Centre was developed in 2015 and has been the home for the community CSD Team and the MYTCL PR & CSD Coordination Department since then, but has had no official grand opening.

On January 9th 2018, starting at 8:30 am in the beautiful morning, the MYTCL CSD Team and the PR Department held a grand opening Buddhist verse recitation and New Year Gift presentation to village administrators. Specially invited personnel from MEHL, the 18 village administrators from the MYTCL area and CSD Representatives attended this New Year ceremony and official office grand opening. As is traditional in Myanmar, 3 Sayartaw monks were offered ‘Soon’ (Mohinga and fruit desserts). Afterwards the Sayartaw recited Buddhist verses in order to get blessing of good luck for the office and for the people that work within it. The Buddhist five precepts were received by all attendees, as well as all of the visitors were provided with Myanmar traditional Mohinga provided as a donation personally from the Operations Manager Mr. Glenn R. Wallis. Gifts were presented to the monks and to the administrators on behalf of the Managing Director and Chairman of MYTCL, Mr. Zhang Yupeng. This ceremony was gratefully received by all and the ongoing community ties of friendship between the community and the company continue to prosper year after year.

Now that the Environment & Community Activities Centre has officially opened, there will be more information and demonstrations provided to the community regarding the ongoing activities of the MYTCL operations. Specific areas of community concern such as Environmental Works, Community Development, Mine Closure and Job Opportunities will be posted and presented in this office under the direction of Operations Management. All are welcome to drop in during office hours Sunday through to Saturday from 8am to 5pm every day.

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