Kyadwintaung Monastery Donation

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Located directly within the S&K Monywa No. 1 Copper Mine lease area is the Kyadwintaung Monastery on what is historically known as Tiger Mountain.

This Monastery was optioned to be moved off of the mining lease and was agreed upon by the Monks within the Monastery in 2014, but the surrounding village administrators requested that the Monastery be permitted to stay in its original place. MYTCL was most concerned about the dust and noise impacts that leaving the Monastery directly in the middle of mining operations would cause the Monks within, but they insisted that a new Monastery on the next mountain Hninsitaung, or Rose Mountain, was not necessary, and that the Monks would bear the impacts until completion.

During the month of December, the Mining Department of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited performed some Hydro- and Geo-physical electronic testing along the roads of Shwepankhine, Yegyibin and Ywatha villages. The related village administrators and village CSD Representatives discussed with the PR and CSD department who agreed that as an act of charity and for the use of the Public roadways to complete this non-intrusive testing that a religious donation to the Kyadwintuang Monastery would be most appropriate. Previously farmers had been compensated to permit the crews onto their lands for 1 day to complete the testing, leaving only footprints behind.

The PR & CSD Department donated 1,500,000 kyats on behalf of the managing Director of MYTCL to the head Monk of the monastery, who received with gratitude this cash donation on 11th of January, 2018.


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