Kangon Water Request Meeting

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The Kangon Village has for the past few years been on a quest to have drinking water supported by MYTCL from nearby Water Sources. CSD Management met with the Kangon Representatives to discuss their inquiry again in 2018 January.

Previous plans had been offered to provide the Kangon Village fresh water from the Thunder Sulfuric Acid Factory supply lines from the Yama Stream, and would be donated by the MEHL organization to the village as part of a CSR Program. The villagers rejected the offer and insisted that the water be provided by MYTCL from the further away Chindwin River.

Discussions entailed the costs of such a project, the possibilities of using the resources directly from MYTCL and other contingencies to provide a house to house supply of water. Operations Management headed the meeting to inform the representatives of the possible options that were available.

1. The water could not be supplied directly from the existing systems that function to serve the MYTCL and Letpadaung Projects. This addition of 4,000 people and over 1,000 homes would not be a sustainable project for the systems in place.

2. Another system would have to be implemented and this was a possibility. The costs however, would be considerable and beyond the annual CSD/CSR budgets that were provided to the Kangon village of $40,000 USD/year.

3. Combining budgets into the future would satisfy the project demands and Operations Manager Wallis offered this opportunity.

There are other considerations that need to be planned, MYTCL Manager Wallis informed the representatives.

1. There are management and maintenance issues for such a system that require engineers and technical trained staffing and supervision.

2. Electricity for pumps and spare parts supply has to be included in planning.

3. A management system and roles and responsibilities need to be allocated. A Business Plan would need to be approved.

4. Who would pay for the ongoing upkeep, power charges, parts, chemicals and repairs for such a project?

Kangon representatives informed MYTCL that they would manage all. They have plans to charge home owners for the water supply. To this fact Wallis informed them that this would need registration and licensing as a business, according to Myanmar law, and would have to have the approval of the Ministry of Development. Wallis concluded that MYTCL would assist in every way possible to help the Kangon Village achieve this goal, but approvals and Planning were primary. The Kangon representatives agreed and indicated that they would pursue their planning with the necessary authorities.

Mr. Wallis ended with a question that was left unanswered..... "Why would you not accept the installation and donation from MEHL, which is a much less management issue as they would manage the existing facilities, and all you would have to do is assist in the infrastructure planning?"

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