Myanmar New Year Donations

newyeardonation 5 thumbThe New Year is a very personal time, as well as a religious event within the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. People from all areas of the S&K Mine site gather to pay respect to their elders, to Monks, to make donations, to enjoy traditional food and visit the thousands of pagodas that spread across the country through all regions. During the Water Festival, Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited and Myanmar Economic Holding Ltd. cooperated with Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited and held their annual New Year Donation Ceremony for what is known as the Paritta Recitation. This is the ancient Buddhist tradition of reciting verses and scriptures in order to ward off evil fortune, or dangerous conditions. A donation was also offered of 9,300,000 kyats to the surrounding monasteries of both sites. This event took place at the Letpadaung Taung Kyar Monastery on the 10th of April, 2018. There are 67 surrounding monasteries from the S&K and Letpadaung Projects. Present at this event was the honoured Minister of Security and Border Affairs, Colonel Kyaw Thant Naing, the Salingyi Township Administrator, U Aung Myint Tun, as well as responsible staff from MEHL, MYTCL and MWMCL and related village administrators.
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