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Over the course of the past 3 years, the Pagoda in the Yegyibin Village has experienced damages due to several impacts such as earthquakes, ground settlement and the aging structure and construction quality of the Pagoda.
In mid-June the head Monk from this Monastery in Yegyibin made a special request for the PR & CSD Coordination Team to come and visit the Pagoda to investigate the expanding cracks and damages to the Pagoda. Many villagers associate the blasting vibrations from the Kyisintaung mine development with the root cause of the damages to the Pagoda, but the Monks do not directly assign this as the cause to the Pagoda damages. The damages were first recorded by MYTCL during the last large earthquake in the region. Management from MYTCL monitors and measures the ground vibrations on a daily basis and excessive vibration records have not been noted as a root cause to the initiation of the cracks, but that ongoing daily vibrations may be attributing to their expansion. Maximum alert levels for ground vibration due to blasting are set to India standards as the building structures in rural Myanmar are very similar to those in India. Myanmar has no official standard.
On June 18th the CSD Superintendent, U Kyaw Moe and his team visited the Monastery and spoke with the head Monk. With him he brought civil engineers to assess the damages and propose to MYTCL Management a plan to assist in restoring the deteriorating Pagoda.
With the approval of the Managing Director & Chairman of MYTCL, Mr. Zhang Yupeng, an expert in Pagoda restorations will be brought in by the head Monk to assess the damages and provide a cost summary to Operations Manager of MYTCL. The Company will then consider the repair and possible reinforcement of this pagoda to withstand future impacts of earthquakes and other possible impacts. It is expected that in early July of 2018 that the renovations will begin.
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