Tharyargone Bridge Renovation

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Tharyargone Bridge was originally engineered and constructed by the previous operators of the S&K Copper Mine Project MICCL, with its JV partners MEHL and the Ministry of Mines ME-1, in December of 2003.

This bridge is now very old and the safe use of it has raised concerns by the public of the area. Although the bridge is located between the Taungpalu and Tharyargone villages, outside of the MYTCL 5kms radius of CSR projected works, it was agreed that the renovation was a good additional requirement for the community at large.

This renovation request came during the CSD/CSR Project review management meeting in mid-2018 by U Myint Win and Senator Dr. Thein Naing, and was agreed by the committee that construction was to be donated from the contingency budget reserved for special cases, such as this bridge.

In order to achieve the renovations without ceasing passageway, additional resources were focused into the construction of a secondary roadway bridge, and provided a daily transportation route for commuters to and from the village of Tharyargone. MYTCL called private tenders for this project with a final bidding cost of 14,280,000 Myanmar Kyats. Construction preparations are currently underway and the PR&CSD Development Department of MYTCL has worked closely with the village to complete this project for their communities.

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