Electricity & Water Pipe line Installation from Telpinkan Dam

electricity pipe line telpinkan 01

Water and electricity are the essential things for village development. Telpinkan village is located beside the Nyaungbingyi-Yinmarbin main road and it is also located near the place of S&K Mine Project area.

Last few years, the Telpinkan Village Administrator and the organized 5-Members CSR Committee requested to construct the dam due to the Talpinkan village suffers from water shortage every year and the dam was already completed. In this year, the organized 5-Members CSR Committee requested to MYTCL to install electricity and water pipe line form this dam to the village as a CSR/CSD Project (2018-2019). MYTCL accepted this request and the installation were made by 5-Members CSR Committee. According to committee leadership and the villagers' collective strength of the construction, the installation of electricity and water pipe in the village is almost complete.

electricity pipe line telpinkan 02

electricity pipe line telpinkan 03
electricity pipe line telpinkan 04

Strategy Report 2018-2019

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