Special Donation for Sei-Htandawgyi

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In 2019 a special request was made by the 5-member committee of Sei Htandawgyi. This was to provide a water purifier for their village using the contingency budget from the remaining funds of the annual CSR/CSD budget from 2019. The village did not have enough within their existing budget to fund this donation, so they approached the regional authorities who stated that MYTCL should donate this facility through the annual budgets.

MEHL and MYTCL management met to discuss this donation and agreed to do so. Access to clean drinking water is essential for every village, and is always a critical element for villagers of the region, especially in the dry seasons.  The villagers have built the water purifier machine that costs MMK 15,000,000 using their own contractors successfully. The purifier station is very splendid and a welcome sight for the Sei Htandawgyi people.

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