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The MYTCL Prospecting & Exploration Program for the Growth of Sagaing Region

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benefits-road-mmwebsiteAs we all know, Social Media has a way of blowing things out of proportion if left unchecked. MYTCL Management therefore believes that it is in the best interest of all related parties that we are excessively transparent and open.

So here we wish to announce what activities we are proposing to complete in regards to the application of MYTCL to the Union Ministry for the exploration of copper and associated mineral exploration of an area within the Yimarbin, Kani and Salingyi Townships of the Sagaing Region. We are sincere in our efforts to ease any misguided or misdirected information that is floating about the social media platforms, and to focus on the truths of our actions for this project.
It is also critical to point out the benefits of this activity if the Government permits approval for this application. There will be many gains and opportunities that will be provided by both the Government and the Company to the local people of the region. Here are some of the key aspects.
A. Creation of employment opportunities for the direct local communities.
Prospecting & Exploration will be undertaken by Myanmar and Chinese Geologists and basic level workers will be hired from the areas of exploration.

B. Development of the region continually into the future in which exploration is permitted.
While carrying out Prospecting & Exploration works, support and development of the region will be provided through the renovating of village access roads, supporting schools with needed requirements and hiring vehicles and equipment from the local people and businesses.

C. Obtaining regional mineral deposit related data for the country.
With the investments provided directly by MYTCL through these activities of Prospecting & Exploration, a more comprehensive geological resources data will be obtained for Myanmar's use in exploring further future economic benefits.

D. Enhancing socio-economic development in the Sagaing Region.
With MYTCL's significant financial investment, the region will be able to enhance opportunities of socio-economic development by the company's hiring of Prospecting & Exploration equipment, vehicles and machinery.

During the Exploration Period:

1. No environmental pollution will occur. Primary activities of the exploration phase include geological mapping and geological sampling and testing. As Drilling operations will be undertaken only if necessary and in very few locations, there will be no possible potential for environmental impacts.
2. MYTCL will also invite an authorized third party organization for the mandatory development of an EMP – Environmental Management Plan - in accordance to the Government's Mineral Exploration EMP guidelines of 2018.
3. If historical and/or cultural heritage sites, as well as environmental protection zones including river and stream areas are discovered within the project area and scope, or if environmental zones are indicated during exploration, they will be avoided according to national laws and regulations.

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