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ywatha drain rebuild 1According to the detailed Sabetaung mine closure plan, MYTCL has been releasing the fresh water from the Kangon Aquifer that is captured before entering into the Sabetaung Pit and sending it out to the Yama Stream. Water samples are daily monitored to ensure the quality of water by QHSE department, as well as during rain events.

In 2018, in order to enhance the drain management and reduce any possible flooding during the monsoon seasons, MYTCL added additional drainage culverts near the junction of the Ywatha drain and Yama Stream, in order to increase drainage efficiency of the drain and for the convenience of community vehicle transportation over the drain. Moreover, MYTCL de-silted the drain and expanded the areas within the drain so that the water flow was more effective, and at the same time the walls were reinforced so that there was no possible seepage through the walls and into the neighbouring fields. In 2019, due to the requests and from CSD and PR Management discussions with the farmers of this area, MYTCL management prepared a rebuild of the Ywatha drain. MYTCL provides a special fund apart from the CSR budgets for the construction, and directly provided the construction project to the village of Ywatha. The cost for this project totalled 17,484,000 kyats. Future planning to is construct a 2nd drain to allow closure of the Kangon Aquifer and divert the monsoon waters through a permanent drain. This will allow the closed waste rock dump to have a permanent drain long after the mining activities have been completed.

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