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Thursday, 05 December 2013


Due to the assistance of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited the Kyadwintaung Monastery now faces an ease of travel to and from the Monastery, and the development of missionary works of the Buddha Sasana.

It had always been a difficult road to travel to the Monastery, and while the construction of a new Community Hall and Pagoda was in progress the bricks, sand and stones had to be carried up the rough road by hand. Donations of water also could not be brought by full truckloads and only in half full containers due to the difficult road. During the Water Festival last year many people, including approximately 90 Monks and novice Monks were unable to reach the Monastery directly by vehicle, and had to climb ladders and over stones with many difficulties.

Now because of the MYTCL road construction, as well as the ground work preparations made for the new Pagoda and Community Hall, motorcycles, cars and walking people can easily access this holy place. I am very grateful to MYTCL and its people for their contributions in helping our Monastery.
U Than Wa Ra: Kyadwintaung Monastery.



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Acknowledgment From Wadan Village

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Thursday, 05 December 2013

November 20th, 2013
Wadan Village has been living with Tailings residue brought in by villagers to extract copper. This has caused bad odours, narrowed road-ways and unhealthy conditions when the rains come, as well as causing poor growth of vegetation.
Now, because of the assistance of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited, our roads have been earth-paved, the wastelands removed and the Tailings collected and disposed of at MYTCL site. Our village is now clean and free of the dangers of the Tailings. The air is clean; the village well-ventilated now without the mounds of residue, and our roads are safer to drive on because they are wider for safe passage.
The villagers and village Elders send out this grateful letter of appreciation for all that MYTCL has done. We send our blessings to MYTCL and encourage them to continue to assist the surrounding people, and we hope that they will continue to develop their business in this environmental manner.
U Zaw Win: Admin Officer of Wadan Village
Village Elders:
U Chit Thann: Regional Development Wadan Village
U Zaw Myint: Chairman of Electricity Committee
U Thein Linn: Regional Development Wadan Village


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