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mine town mytclCreated by the Ministry of Mines, Mine Town is the centre of commerce for the mining community with 27% of the population employed within the MYTCL Project.

About Mine Town
With approximately 2,953 persons living in this self-sustaining town that has the majority of its daily visitors coming into town to do business from areas outside of the MYTCL copper mine, there is no need for a CSD Representative. There are 407 permanent employees from the previous mining enterprises, 369 contract employees and another 19 casual labourers comprising a total 795 persons employed at MYTCL, constituting 26.92% of the town's total population working within the mining organisation.

o Mine Town is managed by MEHL – Myanmar Economics Holdings Limited and is not a part of the operations of MYTCL. ME1 supports the single High School. The town offers villagers electricity; water resources and water purifiers provided and maintained by MYTCL; there is also a library, a Copper Mine Basic Labour Organisation Office, an Environment & Community Activities Centre and an institute Society that have been donated in the budgets of MYTCL for Community and Social Development Projects.
o The town also supports a small fire department managed by MEHL.
o MYTCL has established and continues today to manage the Mine Town Hospital that is used for all employees and family members for mine related emergency care, as well as performing annual check-ups, x-rays, dental care, childbirth and some small surgeries for common healthcare of the mining community.
o Mine Town manages 1 Monastery named Mine Myooo.
o The Head Monk of this village is U Thargara.
o The elected Village Administrator is U Tin Aung.

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