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In October of 2017 a great achievement and milestone was overtaken by the Supply Department of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited.

Since 1999 the Supply Department of MYTCL had not one single recorded Loss due to Injury (LTI) incident, achieving an incredible milestone of 18 years with no injuries to the employees of this department that caused anyone to miss 24hrs of work. On December 19th Operations Manager, Mr. Glenn R. Wallis attended this event and presented a beautiful 7,000 Days LTI Free trophy to the Supply Chain Manager Mr. Chen Siyu, and  to the Asstistant Supply Superintendent U Chit Aye. With the department attending this ceremony 60 employees were awarded certificates personally by Mr. Wallis and a small gift of time (a watch) was also awarded to each employee from all ranks of the department.

It was with careful words Mr. Wallis presented this award. "Now that you have reached this milestone, do not let your guard down. It is at times such as these that we make small mistakes due to overconfidence, and carelessness sneaks up on us without warning. Do not boast of this achievement, but silently be proud and understand that it is an incredible achievement for you employees that work with heavy equipment, lift heavy loads day in and day out, and manage the Fuel Farms where we handle dangerous goods every day. Well done! On behalf of the Managing Director I congratulate you and hold you all in high esteem for this achievement. Be safe."

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